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One Day to Set the Course for the Next 90

Process Triage®, a proven methodology owned by The Process Fixer, connects business leaders with front-line employees to gain insights into the company’s internal processes. By engaging those closest to day-to-day operations, Process Triage identifies limitations in existing systems and develops a clear, actionable plan for improvement.

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Ready to Get Certified?


Attend the 2-day Certification Bootcamp in Tempe, AZ to become a Certified Process Triage® Facilitator or Certified Process Triage Corporate Facilitator.

Upcoming Bootcamps:

May 20-21 (Tempe)
June 17-18 (Tempe)
July 23-24 (Atlanta)

Become a Process Triage® Facilitator

Whether you're an internal resource or business operations consultant, our bootcamps are designed to train and certify you  as an official Process Triage® facilitator.

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How to Organize and Run Process Triage® Workshops

Bring teams (of any size) together to facilitate incredible experiences and help businesses scale. You’ll learn how to guide leaders in breaking down and understanding any of their business processes from start to finish.

How to Deliver 90-Day Growth Plans

Mapping a business and pinpointing their highest impact opportunities is only the start! Craft 90-day growth plans for your clients that are easy to understand and implement.



“I’ve never seen my team come together to solve so many problems in a single day. We all know exactly what to do next!”
“Seeing how each piece drives the next and how ‘pains’ affect customers vs. employees has made everyone feel so connected now.”
“It’s incredible to build our process map and have an open dialog without executive management taking part.”