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The 90-Day Process Triage Method

Process Triage is the only process optimization method that effectively brings together expert-led workshops involving frontline workers, data analytics, and rigorous accountability tracking to address business process inefficiencies. Our proven approach has been used to triage 1000+ business processes and ensures measurable improvements within 90 days.


Hours of Facilitation Experience

The Process Triage Methodology was refined over 20,000 hours of actual team facilitation expertise.

Workflows Triaged

 The Process Triage® Method has been applied in over a thousand mission-critical business processes in enterprises of all types and sizes, from start-ups to Fortune® 500.

Pain Points Identified

The Process Triage Method has helped identify thousands of pain points across business processes across multiple industries and within organizations of all sizes by engaging frontline workers (the people actually experiencing the pain).

Remedies Proposed

The Triage Protocol  has been used to guide Triagers (the frontline teams) in converting their pain points into nearly half a million remedies.

Why Process Triage?

Process Triage is the only method that engages frontline workers who have a deep understanding of business processes. Led by certified facilitators, this approach enables leaders to discern, diagnose and strategize around bottlenecks, weaknesses, and waste. 

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Customer & Employee Satisfaction

Pinpoint critical pain points and inefficiencies in your business processes to significantly enhance customer satisfaction and boost employee productivity. 

Streamline for Profit

Systematically eliminate inefficiencies, errors, and compliance gaps to optimize workflow, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and boost profitability and growth capacity while adhering to industry regulations and standards.

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AI Strategy Roadmap

Use as a starting point for developing and implementing your organization's Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, helping to identify key opportunities, potential challenges, and necessary resources.

Onboard. Assess. Develop

Use as an on-boarding tool for new leaders and to identify gaps in skills and resources to inform recruitment, training, and change management.


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How Process Triage Works

The 90-day Process Triage® Method begins with a pre-planning session to identify the process to be triaged and set clear, measurable goals. This is followed by an intensive one-day workshop led by certified facilitators, where frontline employees engage in comprehensive workflow mapping, identify pain points, and propose remedies using our ADTE (Analyze, Design, Train, Enforce) methodology.

Post-workshop, our Analytics team analyzes the results to produce a detailed process map and a customized 90-Day Action Planning Tool. We then assist in activating the 90-Day Action Plan with key stakeholders. Throughout the following 90 days, we provide regular Pulse Reports at 30, 60, and 90-day intervals to track progress and ensure accountability. The program culminates with a measurement of business impact against the initial goals and a final optimized process map, ready for implementation.