As a President, COO, and consultant for over 100 companies, Derrick Mains has authored multiple books on process optimization for maximizing profitability. With his deep expertise and keen focus on processes, he is recognized as an authority in the field. 

You could say Process improvement is truly “his thing.”

Written in an easily-consumed style, these books serve as invaluable resources for business owners, offering practical insights and actionable strategies to make immediate improvements to their bottom line.


“Adaptagility” leverages insights on human biology and evolution to forge a unique approach to process, systems, and change. Mains’ methodology revolves around the concept of “Adaptagility,” which refers to the ability to swiftly and efficiently adapt to new situations or challenges with flexibility and nimbleness.

Discovering the power of “Adaptagility” can revolutionize your organization’s approach to change in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Lean Manager

Discover how the real limitation of an organization is not its operating model but its management model. Packed with practical, relevant, and real-world tools, this book is a must-read for front line managers who often feel overwhelmed and unprepared for people management.

Follow the story of Sophia, an unsung hero in a familiar struggle, as she navigates the challenges of being an inexperienced manager. If you’re looking for a great read that provides tangible solutions, “The Frontline Playbook” is a game-changer for managers at all levels.

Lean Manager 2 1

Get ready to be inspired and intrigued by this compelling tale of business improvement and cultural change. “The Lean Manager’s Playbook” delves into the concept of waste at The Factory as Susan and her executive team grapple with the realization that despite increasing revenues, their expected “economies of scale” have not materialized, leaving them stuck in a cycle of more work, chaos, and dwindling profits. They turn to their old friend and consultant, Ben, to help them find solutions.

What follows is a transformative journey that changes the company’s course and culture.


Are you ready to unlock exponential results in your business? “AMP Your Outcome!” offers a systematic approach that will revolutionize your management style. Discover the real secret to tycoon-level success, which lies in your approach, not in how hard you work.

Learn from the struggles and discoveries of the authors as they share how they shifted their mindset from working long hours to unleashing the power of accountability. A quick and impactful read, this book provides practical tools to implement a new approach in your business immediately. Don’t wait, read it, practice it, and see your business soar to new heights.