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Emmy Award-winning content creator, four-time author, operations podcaster with more than 160,000 monthly listeners, and optimization consultant renowned for his pioneering work in process engineering, design, and transformation. Mains work spans more than 20 years and 150 companies across nearly every industry, from early-stage companies on through the Fortune 10. Mains approach melds essentialism with a keen focus on human-centric system design, emphasizing the need for regular audits, reflection, and reinvestment to achieve optimization.

Mains believes that all organizational systems share a fundamental purpose: transforming the input of resources into value, through outputs. He highlights how, without active management, systems degrade, leading to inefficiency and value and margin fade. His philosophy underscores the criticality of understanding the interconnectedness of systems and their natural progression towards entropy.

Significantly, Mains has identified that incremental improvements often fail to address systemic issues, potentially hindering overall performance. His solution lies in a holistic view that recognizes and counters entropy, enhancing system efficiency and employee engagement.

Mains and his team operate at the nexus of behavior, utility, and culture. They focus on automating, outsourcing, and eliminating non-essential tasks to enhance both production and the human experience of work. This approach not only alleviates mundane tasks but also redirects energy towards innovation and improved outcomes.

At the heart of Mains’ philosophy is the concept of reinvesting in the human element of systems. He advocates for improving not just the work but the overall lives of those involved, thus fostering a more engaged and productive environment.

Mains goal is to redefine the meaning, utility, and purpose of work, transcending traditional capitalist ideologies and enriching the human experience. Through innovative process engineering and design, Mains work is revolutionizing the workplace, ensuring systems are intelligently designed, highly functional, and beneficial to both individuals and organizations.


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