Digital Engagement Specialist


I’ve never known a world without the internet. It’s no surprise that I’m drawn to all things social media and electronic. I’m passionate and driven to create content that’s engaging and exciting, with a keen eye for detail and creativity.

My specialty is creating, curating, and producing content for various social media platforms. I’m always on top of the latest social media trends, algorithms, analytics, and best practices to keep our content original and compelling. It’s not just about getting likes and shares, though. I also use my knowledge to identify new business trends that can benefit our customers and help our company stay ahead of the game.

Collaboration and teamwork are key for me. I work closely with internal stakeholders to ensure that our company’s outputs are consistent and excellent. I believe that the power of working together can achieve amazing things, and I’ve already had some incredible experiences. In fact, in 2022, I was lucky enough to be part of a Production Team that won an Emmy. That achievement has set a high bar for my career, and I’m determined to keep pushing myself to achieve even more in the future.